What We Do

We have developed a device that recycles CO₂ into chemicals and fuels.


Our Mission

Carbon dioxide is one of the main drivers of climate change. While a certain amount of carbon dioxide is needed for life on earth to flourish, human activities, such as burning fossil fuels, have caused an imbalance: there is now too much carbon dioxide in the air. To reverse climate change, we have to restore a healthy balance of carbon dioxide. To achieve that, two steps are required:
(1) Replacing fossil carbon dioxide in our economy with carbon dioxide captured from the air.
(2) Removing historic carbon dioxide from the air and storing it safely and permanently.



“You might be one of the first applications that fits that niche.”

— Bill Gates

Learning from nature

37,000 trees in a suitcase

We are recreating photosynthesis, but at warp speed. Plants use CO₂, water, and renewable power to produce oxygen and useful carbon-based products. What if we could use the forces of industrialization to replicate nature’s process, and tune it to make the building blocks for petrochemicals, materials, and even jet fuel? And just as a plant uses sunlight to drive this transformation, what if we could use renewable electricity to drive ours?

A growing resource

Society has generated two trillion tons of CO₂ since the Industrial Revolution.

And we will release hundreds of billions more in decades to come, even with rapid action. No practical or economic solution yet exists to handle this massive stream of anthropogenic CO₂ emissions while we transition to cleaner alternatives. But what if we reframed CO₂ as a feedstock, rather than a waste product?

From liability to revenue

Our technology enables industries to reduce their CO₂ emissions profitably

We are commercializing our technology first in high-margin applications where we can produce specialty products from CO₂ for significantly lower cost than with conventional methods. Over time, as our costs and the price of renewable power decrease, we will expand into ever-higher volume applications.