Remove CO₂ from the flue gas permanently

Carbon dioxide removal as a service

Our Favorite Subscription:

Choose a subscription that best suits your lifestyle. If that lifestyle changes, you can easily adapt your subscription at any time.


Easy and instant climate action

Thousands of people and companies rely on Cleenfuel to remove carbon dioxide from the air. With our subscription service you can immediately start and be climate positive. The more carbon dioxide we remove, the better for the climate.


Why work with Cleenfuel to achieve your goals?

Complement your emissions reduction measures with our unique and science-based removal solutions to achieve your climate targets and make your business a climate pioneer.


How our service works (easy)

Choose a level of climate-positive action that matches your lifestyle and complete the sign up. Your subscription will start immediately and we will remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it permanently for you. No strings attached, you can tell us to stop our service for you at any time. Each year, we send you a confirmation of the amount of carbon dioxide removal you have enabled. No middle-men, no unintended side effects: easy and direct climate action.

What to use it for (instant effect)

This is of course up to you! Do you want to remove some carbon dioxide to reduce your personal footprint? Good! Are you planning a long flight, and want to build up some carbon dioxide “allowance” first? Even better! Do you believe that the Climeworks technology is surprisingly cool and deserves some more publicity? Great!

Whatever you choose to use our service for, it will have an immediate positive impact on our climate.

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The Cleenfuel carbon dioxide removal service

The climate is changing – and it is already taking a measurable toll. Scientists say we need many carbon dioxide removal solutions working together to keep global warming to safe levels. Our breakthrough technology solution enables us to remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it underground in your name – safely and permanently.