Transforming CO₂ Emissions into Value

Innovative CO₂ Recycling Technology

At Carbon Confluence, we’re revolutionizing the way we approach carbon emissions. Our cutting-edge technology efficiently recycles CO₂ into valuable chemicals and fuels, offering a sustainable solution to one of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. By integrating our system with any CO₂ emission source, we utilize only water and electricity to transform CO₂ into essential chemical products. This process not only reduces the carbon footprint of major emitters but also turns a previously discarded waste product into a profitable resource.

Who We Are

A Team United by Passion and Purpose

We champion simplicity, innovation, and courage in our pursuit of excellence. At Carbon Confluence, unconventional thinking is encouraged, and learning from mistakes is part of our growth. Our dedication is rooted in a deep understanding of our ‘why’, driving us to relentlessly pursue our goals with proactive ownership and ethical integrity.


Our Approach

Disruptive Thinking & Dedication to Purpose

Carbon Confluence is more than a company – it’s a collective of dedicated individuals driven by a shared vision. Our commitment to integrity, honesty, and humility forms the foundation of our unique culture. We’re a community striving to make a real difference in the world, valuing each member’s contribution in our journey towards a sustainable future.


Our Process & Impact

Profitable CO₂ Emission Reduction

Our proprietary technology offers industries a way to reduce CO₂ emissions while enhancing profitability. Initially targeting high-margin sectors, we provide specialty products from CO₂ at a fraction of conventional costs. As we advance, we’ll expand into larger-scale applications, contributing to global climate goals.

Permanent Removal

Our process removes CO₂ from emission sources permanently.

Natural Storage

We leverage natural processes for secure, long-term storage.


Our method requires minimal land and water resources.


Designed for low initial investment and operational costs.


Our technology ensures instant trapping of CO₂, eliminating leakage risks.


Our solution has the capacity to exceed current climate targets.

Carbon confluence

We are first and foremost all a group of people working with passion towards the same goal. We are proud to support. We act in an open, honest and humble way. The true value of Carbon confluence is its people and we want to preserve our unique culture.

Disruptive Thinking

We strive to focus on the essential and to reduce complexity. We encourage everyone to follow unconventional paths and to challenge existing solutions. We are courageous and at the same time we understand that by exploring other possibilities we will make mistakes and practice learning from mistakes.

Dedication To Purpose

We question the "why" thoroughly and we have to understand the "why". We follow our purpose without compromises in an enduring way. We are proactive and take ownership for action.

our process

Integrity and Ethical

About Us

Our technology enables industries to reduce their CO₂ emissions profitably

We are commercializing our technology first in high-margin applications where we can produce specialty products from CO₂ for significantly lower cost than with conventional methods. Over time, as our costs and the price of renewable power decrease, we will expand into ever-higher volume applications.

We Provides natural and permanent storage solution by turning CO2 into minerals at surface instantly


How our service works (easy)

Choose a level of climate-positive action that matches your lifestyle and complete the sign up. Your subscription will start immediately and we will remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it permanently for you. No strings attached, you can tell us to stop our service for you at any time. Each year, we send you a confirmation of the amount of carbon dioxide removal you have enabled. No middle-men, no unintended side effects: easy and direct climate action.

our service

Our Favorite Subscription:

Choose a subscription that best suits your lifestyle. If that lifestyle changes, you can easily adapt your subscription at any time.

Remove 100 kg CO2

10 $/month

Remove 1000 kg CO2

90 $/MONTH
Extra Plus

Remove 10,000 kg CO2

70 $/MONTH
Instant Effect

What to use it for

This is of course up to you! Do you want to remove some carbon dioxide to reduce your personal footprint? Good! Are you planning a long flight, and want to build up some carbon dioxide “allowance” first? Even better! Do you believe that our technology is surprisingly cool and deserves some more publicity? Great!

Whatever you choose to use our service for, it will have an immediate positive impact on our climate.

Why work with carbon concluence to achieve your goals?
Complement your emissions reduction measures with our unique and science-based removal solutions to achieve your climate targets and make your business a climate pioneer.

we create customized solution for you that have a strong scientific backbone and empower you to reach your climate targets

Long Term

our solution is scalable and resilient. we support you in implementing your climate roadmap as your long-term partner


know precisely how much carbon dioxide we removed in your name

Know more about our process

Scientific Publications

Featured Paper

Saline Water-Based Mineralization Pathway for Gigatonne-Scale CO2 Management

Plante, Erika Callagon La, Dante A Simonetti, Jingbo Wang, Abdulaziz Al-Turki, Xin Chen, David Jassby, and Gaurav N Sant. 2021. “Saline Water-Based Mineralization Pathway for Gigatonne-Scale CO2 Management.” ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 9 (3): 1073–89.

Featured Paper

Implementation of Ion Exchange Processes for Carbon Dioxide Mineralization Using Industrial Waste Streams

Bustillos, Steven, Abdulaziz Alturki, Dale Prentice, Erika Callagon La Plante, Mitchell Rogers, Mark Keller, Raghavendra Ragipani, Bu Wang, Gaurav Sant, and Dante A Simonetti. 2020. “Implementation of Ion Exchange Processes for Carbon Dioxide Mineralization Using Industrial Waste Streams  .” Frontiers in Energy Research .


Our approach is to look at carbon dioxide as a a resource you can reutilize

Founder and CEO

Dr. Abdulaziz Alturki